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ISO 9001:2000

Kis Group has held ISO 9001 certification since 1994. ISO 9001 is the international standard for quality management systems that emphasizes customer satisfaction and the resulting quality assurance and continuous improvement.


In 1989, contracting companies in the petrochemical industry initiated the development of a safety standard for contractors. This standard, the VCA (VCA stands for Safety, Health and Environment Checklist for Contractors), has since become a general and internationally applied yardstick for Safety, Health and Environmental management systems of executing (contracting) companies. Given the nature of the work and the policy of the organization, Kis Group has opted for VCA** certification, the highest level of certification. In addition, all Kis Group executive employees and their immediate supervisors have the Safety Passport. The passport is a personal document containing all relevant safety training, professional skills and authorizations. It is also a practical and effective means of verifying that the holder meets the set requirements.

From a government perspective, the duty of care and responsibility regarding the suitability and continued safety of work equipment made available lies with the employer. However, legislation indicating exactly what is expected from companies when it comes to testing and inspection of lifting and hoisting equipment is limited. In 1993 this limitation was the reason for the establishment of the branch association EKH (EKH stands for ErkendeKeurbedrijven Hijs- en hefmiddelen). By means of extensive work instructions and inspection schedules based on standards from the Machinery Directive, the Working Conditions Act, NEN, DIN, etc., the EKH gives a practical and clear interpretation of current laws and regulations. This clarity has been the reason for Kis Group to carry out its tests and inspections, both above and below the hook, according to the EKH principles and thus support clients in meeting their legal obligations.


NEN-en 1090

The NEN-EN 1090 is the harmonised European standard, which applies to bearing steel and aluminum construction works. Constructions such as buildings, bridges but also crane and hoisting structures are legally obliged to be made according to this standard from July 2014 onwards. The EN 1090 standard has been published because constructive construction products CE should be marked from 1 July 2014, in addition, a declaration of conformity (Declaration of performance) must be issued.

The EN 1090 standard has implications for manufacturers of steel and aluminum structural parts for construction. This standard puts an end to separate regulations per country for manufacturing and trading steel and aluminum structures. Kis Group has held the EN 1090 certificate since early 2015. This European standard defines all processes such as cutting, drilling, welding and preservation. This is to ensure total control of the product so that the right quality is delivered. Kis Group meets all set requirements and controls the processes in such a way that you can confidently outsource your EN 1090 construction work to us.

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